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Contractors - Trade Services

The Department has sent out communications to all current contractors that are engaged to perform work orders under the AGFMA. Reference links to these communications can be found below.

The Future AGFMA team encourage all contractors to subscribe for updates.

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Current Contractor – ‘What We’ve Heard Report’

Link to the ‘What We’ve Heard Report’ (PDF, 813 KB) detailing the responses we received from both the workshops and the survey. The details in the report are currently in review. It is intended that the information in this report will help inform the way in which contractors interact with the Future AGFMA model, as well as shape the specifics of the fundamentals of the model. A further report is being developed that will set out how the feedback has been addressed which will be circulated through the Future AGFMA website subscriptions, and will also be added to this page.

Current Contractor – 'What We're Actioning Report'

Link to the 'What We're Actioning Report' (PDF, 417 KB) detailing the actions and commitments made by the Future AGFMA team including next steps.

Current Contractor Registrations of interest

Please note that as the original mechanism to support the continued engagement of contractors in the Future AGFMA, a registration of Interest was opened through the Industry Capability Network (ICN). This register was developed to provide a connection between future Facilities Management Service Providers (FMSPs) and contractors in the first instance prior to the development of this Future AGFMA website, where current contractors are now able to register interest and provide permissions through the subscription to the Future AGFMA website subscription process.

The ICN registration is now closed but this does not mean that you have missed the process of registration. Details of current contractors and SMEs will be collected and confirmed prior to the Future AGFMA FMSPs engagement (mid 2021) to ensure that the information for your business is still accurate.

The Department will consolidate and confirm all current contractor details and registrations of interest  through subscriptions to the Future AGFMA site and registrations received through the Industry Capability Network (ICN). This will ensure current contractor details are passed on (with permission) to the new  FMSPs when the contracts are awarded which will allow time for the FMSPs to contact prior to the commencement of services under the new contracts on 1 December 2021.

If you as a current contractor and or SME have any concerns and or questions refer to the FAQs page. If the information you are seeking is not there please ask a question so that it may be included in future FAQ updates.

Information on the ICN

ICN is an independent network funded by members and subscribers, including Australian federal, state and territory governments. ICN provides a connection point for businesses large and small to buyers across Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the Future AGFMA program you can also register interest in work opportunities listed by various project proponents and operators involved in Government, Defence, Construction, Health, Mining and Energy markets. Having a profile on the database also means your business’s details will be searchable by ICN consultants seeking goods and services on behalf of buyers who are looking to localise their supply chains.  Search via the following link - You do not need to register here to be a part of  the Future AGFMA.

To keep up to date on upcoming information we encourage you to subscribe to receive updates at the Future AGFMA website, which is the best way to stay in touch with the progress of Future AGFMA.