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Thank you to all who attended the recent introductory Workshops with Ventia and the Future AGFMA Team. Over 30 workshops were held across regional and metro South Australia from August to September 2021. The Workshops were an opportunity for contractors to meet the Ventia team and find out more about what to expect leading up to service commencement on 1 December 2021.

Current Contractor – ‘What We’ve Heard Report’

Link to the ‘What We’ve Heard Report’ (PDF, 813 KB) details the responses we received from both the workshops and the survey. The information in this report has helped inform the way in which Contractors interact with the Future AGFMA model, as well as shape the specifics of the fundamentals of the model.

Current Contractor – 'What We're Actioning Report'

Link to the 'What We're Actioning Report' (PDF, 417 KB) detailing the actions and commitments made by the Future AGFMA team including next steps.

Current Contractor – 'Outcomes Report'

The Final Outcomes Report (PDF, 725 KB), connects your feedback from the 'What We've Heard Report' and the 'What We're Actioning Report' with Ventia's Contractual requirements for the Future AGFMA.

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