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Infrastructure Careers

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Jobs now – jobs of the future

A record $16.7 billion is currently being invested in South Australia’s road and infrastructure for new and upgraded infrastructure that will benefit current and future generations of South Australians.

Through projects currently under construction, we are supporting more than 3,000 jobs and delivering more than 1,480 kilometres of road and rail upgrades.

Projects include the Torrens to Darlington and Gawler Rail Electrification projects. This is creating more local jobs for our industries today with long-term creation of more local jobs in our industries of tomorrow.

The State Government will continue to rebuild and expand the state’s strategic economic and social infrastructure to accommodate future needs via significant investment in transport, health and education infrastructure.

Find out more about these infrastructure projects.

Local job opportunities

The record investment in South Australian road and infrastructure promotes state employment and opportunities.

Explore exciting job opportunities for many of these projects below.

Torrens to Darlington T2D

Set to unlock Adelaide’s traffic network, it is expected that from design to construction, the Torrens to Darlington (T2D) project will create up to 4,000 jobs including plant operators, concreters, pavers, welders, electricians, pipe fitters, mechanics, engineers and health and safety professionals to name a few, with the safety and wellbeing of the workforce being the top priority.

The T2D project is currently in planning phase. As the project advances, we encourage you to visit the T2D website for future job opportunities.

Regency to Pym R2P

$354.3 million has been committed to construct a new 1.8 kilometre section of non-stop motorway along South Road as part of Adelaide’s North-South Corridor initiative.

Works are currently under way through the R2P Alliance, however we encourage you to visit the R2P website to explore future job opportunities.

Ovingham Level Crossing removal

$196 million has been put towards the removal of the level crossing at Torrens Road, Ovingham.

Works are currently under way through the PTP Alliance, however we encourage you to visit the PTP website to explore future job opportunities.

Career opportunities with the Department

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport is one of South Australia’s largest organisations with assets in excess of $13 billion, an annual operating budget exceeding $1.1 billion and a capital program of $670 million, with more than 3,000 employees.

The Department offers opportunities for people at all stages of their career from trainees, apprentices and graduates to senior management and executive roles, and is committed to job flexibility.

Career development opportunities through training, professional development, promotion, equal employment opportunities and safe work practices are a strong focus within the Department.

If you are interested in vacancies within the Department, please monitor at I Work for SA, where all roles available in the Public Section are advertised. You can also register to receive alerts when roles in your area of interest become available.

Alternatively, please view career opportunities available within the Department.