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Covid-19 SA Border Requirements - Essential Travellers, 11 September

Friday, 11 September 2020

Information for Essential Travellers – Commercial Transport and Freight Services

11 September 2020

No changes to Directions at this time.

From next Tuesday, operating hours for the Tailem Bend testing station are increasing.

SA Police will be working with commercial and freight heavy vehicle drivers to better assist the industry in understanding the cross border travel requirements.

SA Police Operation

Please note that the SA Police will be randomly checking commercial freight and transport drivers to talk about the cross border entry requirements and to make sure you better understand the requirements for entry into South Australia. These are:

  • Commercial Transport and Freight Services Essential Travellers approved to enter SA from NSW, ACT and Victoria must produce evidence of having a COVID-19 test, or a COVID-19 test result, that is not more than seven (7) days old, upon request from an Authorised Officer (eg SA Police Officer), or obtain a test within 24 hours on entering SA.Please ensure you obtain and keep proof of testing, eg receipt, text or photo.
  • All Commercial Transport and Freight Essential Travellers who are residents of Victoria must wear a face mask when entering South Australia and self-quarantine in their truck or other private arrangements when not undertaking work-related duties. This is not a requirement for essential freight workers who are not Victorian residents.

There are no restrictions on travellers who have completed cross border registration from low community transmission zones such as NT, QLD, WA and TAS provided that they have not been in any other place than the low community transmission zone within the last 14 days. There is no requirement to self-quarantine while waiting for test results; unless displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

Police Officers at the border will note whether evidence of a COVID-19 test was sighted or a direction to obtain a test was given.

You can use the referral form you received at the border to attend a drive-through testing clinic.

SA Police has advised that some drivers are attempting to cross the border multiple times without undertaking a test and in these instances you may be denied entry until you undertake a test.

To ensure you are not unduly inconvenienced during this operation please ensure that you not only understand the cross border entry requirements but have also complied with them.

Testing Stations

SA Pathology’s mobile collection services provides free COVID-19 testing for interstate truck drivers and interstate travellers requiring swabs. No booking required. Testing sites are located at:

  • Tailem Bend – Updated hours for better access
    Caltex Service Station, 8786 Princes Hwy
    Open 0800h to 1600h, seven days per week.
    **From Tuesday, September 15, these hours will be extended to cover from midnight to 1600hrs.
  • Bordertown
    Border Site, Dukes Highway
    Open 0800 to 1600h, seven days per week.
  • Mount Gambier
    Border Site, Princes Highway
    Open 0800h to 1600h, seven days per week.
  • Yamba
    Yamba Quarantine Station, National Highway, A20
    Open 0700h to 1900h, seven days per week.
  • Port Augusta
    Puma Port Augusta Truck stop, Lot 8, National Highway 1
    Open 0800h to 2300h, seven days per week.

Please note testing site hours of operation may vary depending upon staffing availability.

COVID Marshals for Distribution Centres

The SA Government has updated the requirements for Public Activities.

There is now a requirement for COVID Marshals at venues including freight distribution centres. Marshals will have a highly visible presence and assist to monitor capacity, physical distancing and infection and hygiene controls.

Freight Movement Code

National Cabinet endorsed the Freight Movement Code for the Domestic Border Controls – Freight Movement Protocol to become an enforceable Code.

For reference the Code can be found here: Cross Border Code

Maritime Crew Essential Travellers

Maritime crew arriving into South Australia from overseas via aircraft must reside and remain, quarantined and segregated from others, at a location determined by an Authorised Officer for a 14-day period starting at the time of their arrival.

Fact sheets, linked below, have been provided for the Maritime industry to detail:

Self-Quarantine Requirements

When self-quarantining, once the person has arrived at the place to commence self-quarantining they must:

  • Stay in that place segregated from other persons for the period beginning on the day of arrival and ending at midnight on the 14th day; and
  • Where they are residing and remaining at short term accommodation they must inform the owner or operator that they are self-quarantining.

For updates relevant to industry directions issued in South Australia, visit