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Covid-19 SA Border Requirements - Essential Travellers, 19 November

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Information for Essential Travellers – Commercial Transport and Freight Services

19 November 2020

South Australia is currently operating under the Emergency Management (Stay At Home) (COVID-19) Direction 2020

Commercial Transport & Freight Services essential travellers are no longer required to have a COVID-19 test before entering SA if arriving from a low community transmission zone.

All other restrictions are still in place and operators are encouraged to get tested in their home state before they enter SA.

In response to recent questions following the latest Direction;

  • Road houses/truck stops are still open.
  • Distribution Centres remain open.
  • Deliveries into smaller convenience stores other than supermarkets (IGA’s, Grocers, etc) are still permitted.
  • Freight pick up and delivery to ports/ airports / mining facilities are permitted.
  • Drivers are required to carry evidence that they are conducting essential services – other than their load documentation.

Entering SA from Low Community Transmission Zones

Commercial Transport and Freight Services Essential Travellers are advised that if entering SA having only been in Low Community Transmission Zones (WA, NT, NSW, QLD, ACT, TAS and NZ) in the preceding 14 days, then testing requirements do not apply. Testing requirements remain for all other people in this category ie those arriving from Victoria in the preceding 14 days.

Border checks will be continued by Authorised Officers to verify origins of operators and to ensure those who are entering from Victoria continue to abide by testing requirements.

Entering South Australia from Victoria

Commercial Transport and Freight Services Essential Travellers approved to enter SA from Victoria must keep close contact records and, upon request of an authorised officer, provide evidence of a COVID-19 test or a COVID-19 test result relating to a test undertaken in the preceding 7 days.

The Victorian Department of Transport has advised that Interstate freight operators travelling from or through Victoria to South Australia will be offered access to asymptomatic testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) to assist in preventing any spread from the current outbreak.

A testing site has been established at the Nhill Trailer Exchange on the Western Highway. Additional testing sites will be progressively added at other major freight routes in coming days. Please visit the DHHS Getting Tested webpage for locations.

All freight operators travelling into SA are able to access these testing sites which have been established to support South Australia in ensuring freight operators meet its mandatory COVID-19 testing requirements.

Ensure you obtain and keep proof of testing, eg receipt, text or photo, to show an Authorised Officer if requested.

Testing Stations

SA Pathology's mobile services provide free COVID-19 testing for interstate truck drivers requiring tests. No bookings are required.

In line with increased testing in the metropolitan area for the current Parafield Cluster, some regional Essential Traveller testing sites may close. Please check SA Heath's website for the latest information.

Again, if travelling through or from Victoria, we recommend testing in your home state prior to arrival.

Road Border Entry Requirements

All Commercial Transport and Freight Services Essential Travellers into South Australia are still required to complete a cross border registration form at least 72 hours prior to arrival.

Authorised Officers at the border will note whether evidence of a test was sighted or a direction to obtain a test was given for those travellers who have come from, or passed through, Victoria. If directed to a testing site you can use the referral form you received at the border.

All commercial transport and freight Essential Travellers who are residents of Victoria must wear a face mask when entering South Australia and self-quarantine in their truck or other private arrangements when not undertaking work-related duties. This is not a requirement for essential freight workers who are not Victorian residents.

There is no requirement to self-quarantine while waiting for test results; unless displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

Freight Movement Code

Information on the Freight Movement Code for the Domestic Border Controls – Freight Movement Protocol can be found here: Cross Border Code

Maritime Crew Essential Travellers

Maritime crew arriving into South Australia from overseas via aircraft must reside and remain, quarantined and segregated from others, at a location determined by an Authorised Officer for a 14-day period starting at the time of their arrival.

Fact sheets, linked below, have been provided for the Maritime industry to detail;

For updates relevant to industry directions issued in South Australia, visit or