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mySA GOV accounts

Thursday, 4 November 2021

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport has contacted customers whose mySA GOV accounts have been impacted by a cyberattack linked to the hacking of an unrelated website, and taken immediate steps to secure any affected accounts.

On Tuesday, the Department became aware that the accounts of some customers had been accessed by a third party who used passwords obtained in the hacking of a separate, unrelated website.

The accounts could be accessed because account holders had used the same or a similar password for their mySA GOV account as they had used for their account with the unrelated website. The hackers then used the passwords they had obtained from the unrelated website to access a number of mySA GOV accounts.

While there is no evidence of any unauthorised transactions on any mySA GOV accounts, the Department has quickly taken the following steps to mitigate the risk:

  • The current password of affected accounts has been blocked
  • All affected customers have been notified by email of the potential unauthorised access to their account, with instructions provided on how to change their password and regain access to their mySA GOV account
  • As details could have been accessed by an unauthorised third party, the Department is encouraging all affected customers to change their driver’s licence number by attending a Service SA Centre. Affected customers have received more information about how to do this.

It is strongly recommended that when choosing a new password for their account, customers do not use a password that has been previously used or is currently being used for any other accounts.

This is timely reminder to all mySA GOV account holders and South Australians more generally to always set complex passwords and do not use the same password for more than one account.

For more information, please visit the Service SA website at