Road Safety Strategy
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South Australia's Road Safety Strategy to 2031

Cover of Road Safety Strategy to 2031

South Australia’s Road Safety Strategy to 2031 (the Strategy) has been developed to improve road safety for everyone living in and visiting our state. It will focus the South Australian Government's efforts on the things that will have the greatest impact for reducing lives lost and serious injuries on our roads.

The Strategy sets out the following ambitious 10-year targets to support our long term vision of zero lives lost on our roads by 2050:

  • At least 50% reduction in lives lost
  • At least 30% reduction in serious injuries (per capita) on South Australian roads by 2031.

The Strategy includes:

  • Principles to underpin road safety decision-making and actions.
  • Strategic priorities that are the focus areas for the Strategy, informed by evidence and consultation. These priority areas are identified to collectively contribute to achieving our ten-year target.

The nine road safety strategic focus areas are:

  • Road user behaviour: Supporting and enforcing safer road user behaviour
  • Vehicles: Increasing the use and purchase of safer vehicles in South Australia
  • Roads: Safer design, construction and maintenance of road infrastructure
  • Regional and remote areas: Reducing the number of lives lost and serious injuries on regional and remote roads
  • Workplaces: Developing a culture of road safety in South Australian workplaces
  • Aboriginal road safety: Reducing the over-representation of Aboriginal people in road crashes
  • Older road users: Greater focus on road users aged 70+
  • Walking, cycling and public transport: Improving safety for people who walk and cycle and increasing public transport patronage
  • Young drivers and riders with a focus on those living in regional or remote areas: Reducing the over-representation in road crashes.

Road Safety Action Plan 2022–2024

The Strategy will be implemented through a three-year rolling action plan to be released in early 2022, which will be updated annually. It will set out the actions to be taken to give effect to the priorities, as well as responsibilities and timeframes for implementation.

Read the strategy

Read the strategy on this website or download a copy of South Australia's Road Safety Strategy to 2031 (PDF, 7759 KB).

Development of the Strategy has been guided by extensive consultation with stakeholders and the community. Read the Consultation Outcomes Report (PDF, 2415 KB).

Acknowledgement of Country

The South Australian Government acknowledges and respects Aboriginal people as the State’s first people and nations, and recognises Aboriginal people as traditional owners and occupants of South Australian land and waters.