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Your Safety

Smoke Alarm

A Smoke alarm does not prevent fires....but you can!

The SA Metropolitan Fire Service has information on Smoke Alarms.

Your home is fitted with either a: 

9V photo optical smoke alarm with non-removable, non replaceable 10 Year Lithium Battery


Mains powered 240V photo optical Smoke Alarm with non-removable, non replaceable 10 year Lithium Battery


  • THE GREEN INDICATOR LIGHT - (mains powered only) will illuminate to show mains power is present
  • AUTOMATIC SELF TEST -  the red light will flash every 40 seconds to show that the smoke alarm has performed a test on the smoke chamber (this is normal)
  • HUSH BUTTON - Pressing the combined hush.test button silences nuisance alarms and automatically resets after 10 minutes. (The red light will flash every 10 seconds to let you know the unit has been silenced)
  • MANUALLY TESTING - Test your smoke alarm weekly - press hush/test button gently until the alarm sounds (it may take up to 5 seconds) WARNING - DO NOT TEST WITH FLAME.
  • ALARM CONDITION - In alarm the sounder will activate and the red light will flash rapidly.
  • CONTAMINATION - If the unit beeps and the red light does not flash at the same time, it indicates that the smoke chamber may be contaminated. It may need cleaning.
  • LOW BATTERY WARNING - If the smoke alarm beeps and the red light flashes at the same time, it indicates the battery is depleted and the entire alarm must be replaced. The lithium battery is designed to power the smoke alarm for 10 years under normal conditions.

When cooking or smoking ensure adequate ventilation


Fire Safety

Tenants are strongly encouraged to prepare a home fire escape plan for all family members to follow in the event of a fire. A link to the SA Metropolitan Fire Service information on formulating a Home Fire Escape Plan is provided for your information.

Home Fire Escape Plan


Many of the GEH properties are older properties which may contain asbestos materials.

For tenant safety please ensure the Housing Manager is consulted prior to hanging pictures or making any and all additions or alterations, to ascertain the construction material of the house.

Please see the following page for more information regarding Asbestos.

Asbestos Information

Asbestos Information Brochure