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Tenant Responsibilities

The tenant rents a residential premises from a landlord. The tenant is given possession of the premises as the tenants home, with the same rights to privacy, peace and quiet enjoyment as a homeowner would expect. The tenant is also subject to the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act 1995. The tenant must therefore pay the due rent on time, keep the premises and grounds clean and tidy, repair damage caused by themselves or guests in accordance with their Residential Tenancy Agreement (RTA) and report any maintenance issues.

You must notify GEH of any damage, defects or deterioration to the property. Early notification will help us to maintain the property in good condition during your tenancy. Maintenance requests are processed, and a tenant must facilitate reasonable access to contractors.

Government tenants are asked to be considerate of neighbours and attempt to develop and preserve a harmonious neighbourhood. They must also observe local government regulations and By-laws including those relating to pet control, backyard burning and rubbish collection. Many Strata Corporations also have restrictions about the keeping of pets and making additions or improvements to each property.

Tenants must obtain permission from the landlord before making any modifications or additions, including hanging pictures, to the residence. The landlord may require the tenant to restore the residence to its pre-modification condition at the tenants cost.

Please refer to the Residential Tenancies Act for further information.

Tenants can be held liable for:

  • Damage to walls and doors, scarring, wall posters or careless picture hanging/removal.
  • Damage to toilet pans and hand basins which is not considered fair wear and tear.
  • Damage to floor coverings, blinds/curtains or furnishings by burns, stains etc.
  • Breakage of fixed glass (unless obviously caused by structural movement or by proven vandalism as confirmed by a Police Report.)
  • Cost of clearing blocked drains, should it be found that the drains are blocked by tenant misuse.
  • Electrical fuses or circuits damaged by the tenant using faulty electrical appliances, or negligent overloading.
  • Eradication of household pests and vermin such as mice, cockroaches, ants, fleas, pigeons or possums, unless as a consequence of local infestation.
  • Damage to water pipes, cables and garden taps caused by a tenant's vehicle, lawnmower, pet etc.
  • Any puncture to underground pipes caused by digging.
  • Damage to fly screens caused by tenant misuse (including pet damage).
  • Upkeep of lawn and garden areas, including mowing, weeding and watering.
  • Replacement of lost keys and change of locks as a result of lost keys.
  • Damage or loss of any furniture supplied by GEH.

The cost of repairing any damage, blockage, breakage or defect in and around your house which is not the result of fair wear and tear, is generally your responsibility. You may engage a qualified tradesperson at your own expense to make the repairs of this damage. Alternatively, you may log the job with the Maintenance Helpdesk after consulting with your Housing Officer, and the repairs will be carried out through Facility Services.

PESTS & VERMIN – who is responsible?

Type of pest/ vermin

The landlord is responsible

The tenant is responsible


if an infestation is present internally at commencement of the tenancy

if present during the tenancy

Bees and wasps

when present in a wall cavity or in the roof space

When located anywhere other than a wall cavity or roof space


to remove and seal off any entry points


Cockroaches, fleas and spiders

if an infestation is present at commencement of the tenancy

if present during the tenancy

Mice and rats

if present at the start of the tenancy

or where plague proportions are declared by Local Council

if present during the tenancy


to remove and seal off any entry points



if caused by the landlord breaching the conditions of the agreement - eg landlord left piles of rubbish in garden

if present during the tenancy

White ants

at all times


**The presence of a few spiders, ants or cockroaches is not unusual when housing is located in regional locations. and occasional occurrences are not regarded as infestations**

***Where tenants cause/allow an infestation and do not attend to this and subsequent damage to the property is caused (i.e. chewed electrical cables), the tenants will be held liable***

****In the event a tenant reports pest control to the GEH Maintenance Helpdesk which is a tenant’s responsibility, the costs incurred by GEH will be passed onto the tenant****

Painting & Floor Coverings

GEH endeavour to carry out painting and renewal of floor coverings on a programmed basis.

Hanging Pictures

Please consult your Housing Officer prior to hanging pictures to obtain permission and ascertain the construction material of your dwelling.

Landlord Responsibilities

The landlord rents a residential premises to tenants. The landlord is subject to certain requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act. One of these requirements is that the landlord must ensure the premises comply with health, safety and housing standards. The landlord must provide the premises in a clean and reasonable state having regard to its age, character and location, and must maintain it to an acceptable standard. The landlord is to keep the promises made in the tenancy agreement and to supply agreed services.