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Do I get a choice of housing?

No. Government Employee Housing (GEH) is not a choice based program therefore to receive subsidised rent, you must accept the house allocated.

If you decline the property offered, you are electing to opt out of using the GEH program.

Is the housing furnished?

Furnished housing is only provided in the APY Lands & some remote locations.

Can I bring my pet?

GEH allow pets in their owned properties, however, in the event that GEH are required to procure a property from the private rental market, this choice is at the discretion of the owner.

Am I required to pay a bond?

No. There is a bond guarantee written into your Residential Tenancy Agreement, in accordance with the Public Employees Housing Act 1987.

Do you accommodate boats/caravans/trailers/large furniture?

Every effort will be made to provide you housing from the available stock to meet your family composition/size. However, GEH cannot guarantee being able to accommodate your requirements/requests in respect of personal recreational assets/equipment and non-standard items.

I have submitted my application for housing, when can I expect to be contacted?

You can expect to hear from GEH approximately 14-21 days prior to the date you have requested housing.

Who organises my furniture removal?

Your employing agency is responsible for organising your removal. Contact your employing agency.

Am I responsible for connecting utilities?

Yes. Other than water you will need to arrange connection with the suppliers of your choice.

How do I pay my rent?

You are not required to do anything. Your rent will automatically be deducted fortnightly in arrears from payroll.

How do I make my cooling more effective?

Evaporative coolers work differently. Opening some doors or windows will increase the air flow and improve the effectiveness of the system.

If it is cooler outside, e.g. at night, save energy by turning your cooling system off and opening windows and doors to allow breezes into your home.

If possible, use window and screen door locks to keep your home secure.

How do I report maintenance?

To report maintenance visit the following page.

I've reported maintenance and no action has occurred?

Follow up with the Property Services Help Desk on 1800 182 032 or email

How do I know if the property I am living in is government owned or a private rental?

If your property ID begins with ‘P’, e.g P000 you are residing in a private rental.

If your property ID is a 4 digit number, e.g. 1234 then you are residing in a government owned property.

You can find this ID number on your Residential Tenancy Agreement and letter of offer.

What is different about being in a private rental property?

The Owner or their representative is legally entitled to and will carry out periodic inspections.

The Owner has the right to refuse to allow pets at the property.

The Owner can at any time choose to place the property on the sales market.

The Owner can choose not to extend the lease.

The Owner or their representative is responsible for organising maintenance.

How do I pay rent during unpaid leave?

Your agency will determine if you continue to be eligible for subsidy.

If you are eligible, you will be required to make alternative arrangements for payment of rent during the period you are no longer on payroll.

You can pay your rent by either direct debit or credit card.

I'm a teacher, and I have a break in my contract eg; over Christmas. Can I remain in my house and how do I pay my rent?

Circumstances vary, please contact the Education Removal Officer on 8226 1065.

Should you be eligible to remain in your property, you will be required to pay your rent by either direct debit or credit card.

Can I remain in my house when my contract ends?

No. You are required to submit a Notice of Intention to Vacate and vacate the property no later than 21 days from the end of your contract.

What notice am I required to give in order to vacate?

A minimum 21 Days in writing, by submitting the Notice of Intention to Vacate.

What am I required to do when I vacate?

Once you have submitted your Notice of Intention to Vacate, you have 21 days to ensure the property is handed back in a clean and tidy condition, in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1995.

GEH have provided a Vacancy Requirements checklist to assist you to do this. You are also required to contact the Key Agent at least 10 days prior to vacating, to arrange the exit inspection and return of keys.

What happens if my property does not meet the required standard at exit inspection?

Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1995, you have no right of return once you have returned the keys.

You will be advised should any issues be identified at your exit inspection.  In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1995 and the Public Employees Housing Act 1987, GEH is able to arrange for the issues to be remedied and the costs will be on-charged to you.

Who is eligible for the Government Employee Housing program?

Permanent and temporary staff are eligible and always at the discretion of the employing agency.


Employees wishing to sub-let the property they reside in must seek written approval from DIT.