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Family makes us strong. We care for each other. We look out for each other. We help when help is needed.

When one of our family is learning to drive, there are lots of ways we can help. If we’re drivers ourselves, we can help them know how to drive safely. If we see them taking risks - like speeding or drink driving - we can help them see the consequences. If we’re passengers, we can let them concentrate on their driving.

We can encourage them to use this website. It has lots of good information on things like:

As more of us learn to drive, we all benefit. It's easier to study, work, help friends and family, see doctors, go to the shops, and much more. But we know driving can be risky, and that crashes happen easily. All drivers, but younger drivers especially, need our help and encouragement to be the best drivers they can be.

Click on the links at left for advice on how you can help.