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Don't pressure a driver

When a family member or friend has a learner's permit or a provisional licence, they have to follow some strict rules. These rules keep drivers, passengers and other people on the road safe. If a driver breaks any of these rules, they can lose their licence and be fined.

Younger drivers sometimes break the rules because friends or family put pressure on them, and they don’t feel able to say ‘No’.

You can help a driver in these ways:

  • Don't ask a learner driver to drive you around if you're not a qualified supervising driver.
  • Don’t ask a learner driver to drive you if you’ve been drinking or taking drugs.
  • Don't ask a driver to speed up because you're late to get somewhere.
  • Don't ask them to take more passengers than there are seatbelts.
  • Encourage all passengers in the car to wear their seatbelts and behave in a way that allows the driver to concentrate on the road.
  • Check to make sure all children are in proper child restraints, even if this means taking less adult passengers.
  • Be sure not to show the driver things on your phone while they are driving as this can be dangerous.
  • Sometimes the consequences of breaking the rules can be more serious than getting a fine or losing a licence. A lot of bad crashes are caused by things like speeding, not taking enough care, and overloading cars.